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Shibakawa Building

It was built on July 1st in 1927 by Shibakawa Matashiro who was born in this house and ran Karamono quotient (Western goods import business) in the current Fushimi cho.

Minato Umitsuri Park Totto Park Small Island

The sea fishing park that made efficient use of Kansai International Airport second term landfill sediment shipment pier. Fish reefs blessed with fish species such as halfbeaks,flounder and sea bream.

Nose Road

Old Road that leads to Nosemyokenzan and through the Ikeda city from Nakatsu, Kita-ku

Hatamono Shrine

The birthplace of Tanabata(the star festival) The Shrine that deified Amanotanabata Himeokami(Vega for the star festival ).

The Expo'70 Commemorative Park・Japanese Garden

Luxury time travel To rest your eyes on the traditional beauty of the Japanese garden.


Rikyu's favorite Tea room in Nanshuji Tenple in Sakai city

Uenotaishi Kanko Mikan(Orange) Park

The best location to see a view

Old Sugiyama Family Housing

Every single houses tell a history

Hakayama Tumulus

A Tumulus located in the central of the city

Kongozan Katsuragi Shrine

Natural treasure, Katsuragi shrine is located in Mt. Kongo


Gorinto (a gravestone composed of five pieces piled up one upon another) that It is understood the goodness of Kusunoki Masashige's personality.

The Ruins Of Kamiakasaka Castle

A great location to overlook the Osaka Plain field


European-style building that is the beauty of modern architecture and elegance. Glorious lawns and lush gardens spread on the site of about 100 tsubo.(a unit of floor space that is about 3300 square meters) its sophisticated and the one and only space reviving now.

DAIHATSU MOVE Dotonbori Kadoza

New theater for Shochiku entertainment that is opened in Doronbori in August 2013. Hold a variety of comedy performances from veterans to young performers at each day and night

Mahobin Museum

Introduce the history and technology of Zojirushi that is famous for thermos.

Museum Of Kamigata Rakugo-Story Of The Kyoto-Osaka Area

The land of Ikeda to appear as a stage of the classical rakugo such as "Ikeda no Shishikai""Ikeda no Ushihome". Documentation Exhibition Hall opened to permanent exhibition Japan's first municipal Rakugo Museum

Statue Of Sanada Yukimura

A monument for Yukimura Sanada who was a military commander of Toyotomi in Osaka Fuyu no Jin (Winter Siege of Osaka) at Sanko shrine.

Monument For Yukimura Sanada Killed In The War

Monument in Ani shrine for Yukimura Sanada a famous military commander of Sengoku period who died in the war. 

Tempozan Park

Mt. Tempo is famous for the smallest mountain in Japan. And also, it's famous for a hidden spot where you can see beautiful cherry blossoms and pine trees at the park.

Fujita Mansion Site Park

Osaka City designated cultural property. This is an old mansion of Fujita Denzaburo who was a patriarch of Osaka's economy. Currently, there is a Fujita museum ,mayor's office and Taikoen.