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Izumianashi Shrine

It is said that it was built in the seventh century and it's one of the Izumi gosha shrines.  You can see a lot of wild birds and insects at Izumianashi Shrine. And it was selected as one of 100 selections of the Osaka Green.

Ishikiri Shrine Approach

There are signs for fortune teller, restaurants, Chinese medicine pharmacy and super markets  on about 1km approach from the station to the shrine.

Ice Skating Rink( Osaka Pool )

Ice Skating Rink in Osaka city. Enjoy ice skating in the neighboor.

Konpeitou Sakai Museum

Let's make Konpeitou that is a southeast asian candy looks like a shiny jewelry

Ikeda Azalea Hall

Including cultural and artistic activities for citizen, and it has been accepted for a variety of age groups.

Chihayaenchi Kongozan Campground

Campground located in the vicinity of Mt. Kongo's summit where guests can enjoy cool forest and observation of the star in summer.

Naniwa Adventure Cruise With Rakugo Teller Loop Line Course Of The River

History and Bridge tour to link the past and the future of the water capital Osaka.

Takatsuki Castle Site Park

There was used to be a castle here.

Okumizuma Athletics Sports

Enjoy field athletic, BBQ, and fishing in nature.

Zenbe Land

Observatory that anyone can feel free to observe the stars and the sun.

Nishikinohama Clamming Field

How about going seashell-digging when pleasant sea breeze of spring blows? Play at the beach all day long and eat popular food at Nishikinohama such as Kaimeshi(clams rice) and Kainabe(a hot pot with clams)

Subaru Hall

Use this facility as a meeting room, a Japanese style room, a planetarium and so on.

Memorial Hall For Naoki Sanjyugo

Memorial for Naoki Sanjyugo leaves his name on the Naoki Prize.


It remains old-fashioned taste and the community


The last land of Hosokawa Garasha.

Yao Prism Hall

Hall that citizen can enjoy first-class dance, music, theater, traditional arts.

Shinganji Temple

This temple was built by Mr. Shigeno who is Mr Sanada family ancestors in the Edo period for the memorial service of Sanada Yukimura and his child Daisuke.

Osaka Police Comunity Plaza

Learn about safety and security information while enjoying. You can also check Osaka tourism information in the touch panel.


New and old of takoyaki pan and other unique display. Rediscover the joy of making things at "Yume Kobo" that has made by a zealous pesident.

History Museum Of Izumisano

History museum to introduce appearance of the medieval manor focusing on Hinenosho.