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Nanpiankannonji Temple

Place where Hisako who is a waif of Kusunoki Masashige prayed for the repose of her family and followers soul. You will be fascinated by the temple covering stunning colored leaves in autumn.

Ishikawa Riverside Park

Ishikawa Riverside Park that you can view Mt. Nijyo, Mt.Katsuragi and Mt. Kongo. Take a break in the pleasant promenade and an open space.

Shiba Ryotaro Memorial Museum

Memorial to convey the spirit of the writer Shiba Ryotaro. Study where he was writing and two million copies of the books are on display.

Osaka Prefectural Central Library

A library which owns the most collection of books in Osaka.  Intellectual space for everyone.

Hanazono Rugby Stadium

Longing rugby playground for rugby players which made many famouse games

Takaida Yokoana Park

You can visit the park that the ancient tomb was built by digging the tumulus and bed rocks. There is also a historical museum.

Shishikutsuji Temple

Great view from the grounds. There is a megalithic and caves. The principle image of this temple is a national treasure・Yakushinyoraizo.

Iwafune shrine(Katano city)

Powerful and divinity huge rock of the boat "Amenoiwafune" of the boat. The Rocks Tour makes you purify your mind and body.

Taiseishogunji Temple

About 5 min walk from JR Yao station, Ancient temple is located in the historic battlefield of Mononobe no Moriya and Prince Shotoku.

Kyuhoji Ryokuchi

Enjoy botanical observation,strolling, sports and more at spacious green areas.

Yamada Ike Park

Outdoor lovers and nature lovers are welcome here! Hirakata Hakkei "moon of Yamada Pond" is the world of ethereal shining on the surface of the water is reflected.

Hiraoka Park

Enjoy the nature of four seasons such as plums and cherry blossoms. Playground equipments for children are also popular.

Ikoma Sanjyo Amusement Park

Amusement park that young and old can enjoy while overlooking the Osaka plain field

Tamagushi River

Enjoy the cherry blossoms in the home of Kawachi Ondo. 4 km subsequent row of cherry blossom trees is one of 100 selections of the Osaka Green.

Expo '70 Commemorative Stadium

Stadium that leaves a record of the various sporting events. It's easy to watch with lighting equipments and large screens.

Mt. Pon Pon

Hear the sound "Pon Pon" when you stamp your feet on the top of the mountain.  Enjoy hiking and looking rural landscape and the temples in the mountain.

Atago Shrine

God of the fire of Satsukiyama's summit. "Gangara fire festival" that takes place yearly has more than 300 years history

Atago Shrine

God of the fire of Satsukiyama's summit. "Gangara fire festival" that takes place yearly has more than 300 years history

Tokoin Hagi Temple

Hagi Temple to convey the feelings of Gyoki now. There are 3000 Japanese bush clovers at the precincts.

Settsukyo Park

Great forest bathing spot near from the city. Enjoy the beauty of strangely shaped rocks, cliffs, the seasonal nature and flowers.