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Ikeda Shiroato Park(The Remains Of Ikeda Castle)

Ikeda's castle site who was a local clan in the Muromachi/Sengoku period of Japan. Enjoy the view of the city while commemorating the Ikeda's glory.

Mino Park Museum Of Intects

Feel the wonder of familiar insects at Mino mountain that is full of nature.

Senba Building

The building that tells us the history of the modern architecture of Osaka/Senba. The courtyard of Patio-style is fashionable.

Old-Konishike Jyutaku(Konishi Gisuke's Store)

Japanese traditional architecture that is kept well a large store of the mansion of the late Meiji period./Nationally Designated Important Cultural Property


One of the Tennouji Nanasakathe (Seven Slopes of Tennoji). The lope leads to Yasui Shrine that worships Sugawara no Michizane and it's named after him.


One of the Tennouji Nanasakathe (Seven Slopes of Tennoji).


Let's find more about history of Osaka on Uemachidaichi's hill road. The temple where ancient people sleep calmly and a monument of the writer who loved Osaka.

Satoyamano Shizen School Kisen Waiwai Village (Facility For Learning Environmental Education )

Try Goemon-buro(bath heated directly from beneath), make art craft, experience a living life in the outskirt of country and more.

Sobura Kaizuka Honojino Sato

Onsen (Hot spring), Accomoddation, charcoal‐broiled BBQ. Feel nature of mountains and relax.

Eifukuji Temple

The temple has a long history with a Chinese juniper. And it pray to the Buddha for the hero of Northern and Southern Dynastie,Mr Kusunoki Masashige.


Here at HEP HALL, you can enjoy many things through different kinds of jenre.

Fugu (Blowfish) Museum

A skeletal specimen of blowfish and folk art and more.

Kishiwada's Natural Museum

Natural museum for Osaka's Southern province area

Zannen Ishi Of Osaka Castle's

It was chosen to be as a stone for Osaka castle's wall but it wasn't used for that.

Takatsuki Shiitake Mashrooms Center

Enjoy freshly harvested Shiitake mashrooms at the BBQ style restaurant nearby.

Nose-cho B&G Marine Center

Enjoy sports from kids to elderly people!

Kouraibashi Building

It's one of a few bricks buildings in Senba

Arai Building

This building was used as an old Houtoku Bank Osaka Branch in Taisyo period.


NHK OSAKA HALL with NHK BK plaza and Osaka history museum nearby. Enjoy broadcasting, history, traditional culture.

Wanpaku Okoku(Athletic Field For Children)

Let's enjoy the large dinosaur slide which is opening its mouth,atheletic field and BBQ surounded by greenly nature.