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ZUBORAYA Shinsekai

ZUBORAYA is almost synonymous with blowfish restaurants in Osaka!

Ganko Hiranogo-yashiki

The tranquil atmosphere of the premises makes you forget you are in Osaka City! Why don't you spend a relaxing time in this traditional Japanese house? You can enjoy the beautiful garden on the premises as well.

KAGAIRO Kitahama

KAGAIRO is a traditional Japanese restaurant where the Osaka Conference was held by leaders of the Meiji Restoration when they gathered in Osaka.

nolboo Universal City Walk Osaka

The largest food-service chain in Korea; "nolboo" has opend their first restaurant in Japan!

Torame Yokocho

Consisting of a row of various unique restaurants located in the Ura-Namba district where has gained attetion as a trendy spot.

Freshly baked Cheese Tart Specialized store PABLO Dotombori

A store where you can enjoy freshly baked cheese tarts!


Please come visit our retro-flavored restaurant where you can feel nostalgic.

Tonkatsu KYK, SUIKA Osaka station city

One of the most famous Tonkatsu restaurant KYK presents Kikka restaurant with luxury atmosphere for sophisticated ladies.


Yuuya is a Japanese Izakaya at Kizu Mach...


One of the most historical beer halls in...

Wasyoku Hachiko

Please enjoy our banquet with carefully ...

Garakusyokudo Kushiyamonogatari Sennichimae-ten

All-you-can-eat of famous Osaka food "ku...

Gyukaku Sennitimae-ten

Being very well known even by foreign to...

Kushidokoro Ginsen

When people think of Osaka they think "D...

Kushiryori Kitaginsen

To match your preferences and your eatin...

The Original Teppanyaki Steak Misono Osaka

Misono has existed since 1945 and is a well-established restaurant that served the world's first teppanyaki steak! You can experience top-quality Japanese steak meat.

King-emon Dotonbori

One of the best Soy sauce based Ramen in Kansai which has been winning a variety of gourmet awards.


Opened in April 2013 after the renovation of the oldest building in Osaka.

Kappou Kubota

Kappou Kubota is a Kappo style restaurant in the Nishitemma Area.