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Yawaraka Sukiyaki Annex

This restaurant is located in Hojenji, in central Osaka Namba, and is famous for hot pot dishes.

Bar Uoman Yodobashi Umeda shop

A Japanese restaurant on 8F of Yodobashi Camera Umeda shop with direct access to JR Osaka Station. Enjoy popular assorted fresh sashimi and superb sea bream rice cooked in Shigaraki ware.

100 yen sushi go-round Isono Ryotaro

Sushi go-round restaurant located only 5 minutes walk from Namba Station.

Lounge Yugato

A 21-seat lounge located in the center of Kitashinchi offering a refined atmosphere with reasonable prices.

River Suite OSAKA

An Urban French restaurant overlooking the gently flowing Okawa River and located a 3-minute walk from Temmabashi Station.

Dotombori Sarashina

The smooth, white buckwheat noodles are a specialty of this long-standing restaurant established in 1927.

Hard Rock Cafe Osaka

A rock-themed entertainment restaurant and bar, opened in Sep. 2001 on the site of a former bank in Hommachi. Enjoy true American food while listening to loud rock music.

Tokokuro Hilton Plaza West

Healthy Chinese cuisine cooked without MSG and using only healthy and natural ingredients.

The Blarney Stone

Located downtown, this venue offers authentic Irish food and many events.

Matsusaka Beef BBQ "M" Hozenji Yokocho

Enjoy farm-fresh Matsusaka beef, ranked the highest among Wagyu cattle, at Namba.

Shinsekai Ganso Kushikatsu Daruma Tsutenkaku

This restaurant, founded in 1929, is famous for pioneering the Osakan specialty of fried skewered ingredients, known as kushikatsu.

Horie Toka

Enjoy authentic Japanese food at a Japanese inn style restaurant with a variety of private rooms boasting views overlooking the river.

Okonomiyaki Restaurant Chibo

A restaurant famous for serving for the savory pancakes known as okonomiyaki

Sukiyaki Kitamura

One of Osaka's well known, long-established sukiyaki restaurants. Try their Kansai-style sukiyaki, prepared to a recipe that's been unchanged since the restaurant's establishment in 1881.

Sosaku Wagashi Kobo Bashoan Tempozan Branch

Jelly-like yet firm, Bashodo's warabimochi (a sweet made from bracken starch) leaves a lasting impression on the taste buds.

Kyobashi Coms Garden

A town of food and shopping that can be enjoyed with a vibrant green garden.

Janjan Yokocho Alley

This commercial strip has been slowly developing and modernizing over time.

Osaka Takoyaki Museum

Five of the Osaka's most famous takoyaki shops have been assembled at this museum dedicated to the local specialty.


With an extensive garden, this venue is an oasis in the city.


Located on the 16th floor, this restaurant boasts magnificent views of the city and the mountains of Takarazuka.