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A western style restaurant opened on 1910 serving Osaka's original curry.

Dotombori Imai

Located only 5 minutes walk from Ebisu bashi, Imai is Osaka's most famous udon restaurant.


For the ultimate in indulgence, this venerable establishment in Hozenji Yokocho specializes in spiny lobster that's cooked to order.


Located 2 minutes from Shochikuza theater, this Midosuji restaurant has been serving supurb beef dishes for over 80 years.


Originally founded during the Taisho era by two cousins who created a menu of rice cooked with tossed beans.

Naniwa Kuishinbo yokocho

A food theme park where Osaka's finest gourmet restaurants serve Kansai favourites.

Shoben Tangotei

Opened in 1893 and introduced by Sakunosuke Oda in his book, "Meoto Zenzai", this restaurant serves Japanese-style food with a modern twist.

Nakanoshima Club

Visit the café-restaurant at B1F of Nakanoshima Central Public Hall when feeling peckish after your walk through the area's stunning rose garden.

Fresh Seafood and Vegetable Japanese Restaurant "Takaoka"

Specialties include Shokado lunch-box, and sashimi set with homemade sesame tofu and desert.

Okonomiyakiya "Kiji"

A popular restaurant in the "Takimi-koji" mall in the basement of Umeda Sky Building.

Takimi Koji

Recreating the streets from the romantic Taisho era, this shopping strip sells a range of antiques.

Eikokuya Namba City

A relaxing spot with a European-style atmosphere.

Le Pont de Ciel

In November 2007, this ever-innovative French restaurant moved to new premises to an early-20th-century landmark, the former Obayashi Corporation headquarters building.

551 Horai Honten

Today, the 551 barbecue bun is so popular that more than 100,000 are sold per day.

Shokudoen Soemoncho Honten

For over 70 years, this Korean-style barbecue restaurant has been serving customers with an unwavering commitment to quality.


This Japanese-style pub serves 130 menu items made from seasonal ingredients and fresh seafood.

Marufuku Coffeeten Sennichimae

With a tradition of serving coffee dating back to 193, this cafe's secret brewing method created by the founder, Sadao Ibuki, has been passed on for generations.

Bistrot La Cocotte

Opened in 1995 by owner chef Hiroshi Naka, Bistrot La Cocotte aims to be a casual French restaurant with reasonable prices.

Dojima Sun Boa

Dojima Sun Boa is a well-known standing bar that has been in business for more than 65 years.

Hozenji MEOUTO Building

The new gourmet complex was built on the former site of Meoto Zenzai, an old eatery that often features in novels and movies.