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Dojima Sun Boa

Dojima Sun Boa is a well-known standing bar that has been in business for more than 65 years.

Hozenji MEOUTO Building

The new gourmet complex was built on the former site of Meoto Zenzai, an old eatery that often features in novels and movies.


Stubbornly holds on to its traditional of whale cuisine.

Kamukura Sennichimae

One of the finest in the Kansai area. A popular ramen is noodles in a...

Kushi-no-bo Osaka Hozenji Honten

30 skewers are picked from 100 kinds of food materials and deep fried to be...

Kobe Kitcho at Rihga Royal Hotel

Tea-ceremony dishes are served at the table to enjoy traditional Japanese...

Mimiu Honten

The now renowned "udon-suki" had its beginnings at this restaurant.

Honke Shibato

Established during the Edo era, is an eel restaurant with a 300 year-old...

Restaurant Hokkyokusei

Located at America-mura. Authentic Japanese style restaurant...

Gas Building Dining room

Attracted public attention when opened as a European-style restaurant with the...