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Daimaru Osaka Umeda

An iconic department store that reopened in the spring of 2011 with more on offer.

Kirara kujo Shopping Street

Kujo still maintains the atmosphere of the olden times, having escaped destruction during the war.

Ebisubashisuji Shopping Street

Shopping arcade along the approach to the Imamiya Ebisu Shrine.

Umeda Loft

Umeda Loft offers a wide variety of merchandise, from small items to large interior goods.

Oimatsu Dohri

About 90 shops of antique arts and galleries are gathered together in this alley stretching for 1km from west to east of Nishitenma.

Abeno Lucias

A popular spot that caters to both teenagers and adults.

Hankyu Higashidori Shopping Street

Various shops gather together here from gourmet restaurants to entertainment spots.

Bunraku Senbei

At the The National Theater, light meals are served at the restaurant on the 1st floor, and unique gifts like post cards, bunraku figures and mobile phone accessories are sold at the kiosk.

Konanso Chihaya food souvenir shop

Pick up a gift that captures the taste of mom's cooking at Chiyaha Akasaka.

graf living shop/showroom

This shop and showroom includes graf-designed objects for everyday use such as tables, chairs, sofas and original tableware.

Picture postcards of Kawabata of the World

Picture postcards featuring a photo collection of Yasunari Kawabata.

Suminoe miso Ikedaya Honpo

Located near the east entrance of Sumiyoshitaisha Grand shrine, this old establishment sells handmade miso paste.

Beckoning cat of Hatsutatsu mairi

Hatsutatsu mairi worshipers receive a small figure of a beckoning cat.

Sweet Shop Kikuya

A sweet shop established in the 1500s.

Naniwazuke Shitennoji Nishimura (Japanese Pickles)

This specialty shop at the approach to Shitennoji Temple sells a range of traditional Osakan vegetables.

Dry confectionery Kawato

This small, Japanese sweets shop near Shitennoji Temple is more than 100 years old.

Souhonke Tsuriganeya Tsurigane manju

Opened in 1900, this Japanese sweet shop is located on the street heading towards Shitennoji Temple.

Walnut cake at Kanbukuro

Established in 1329, this shop was originally praised by Hideyoshi. Today's walnut cake is it's signature item.

Daitora: Tempura

Their tempura fish cakes are a specialty of the Minami district.

Kelp of Kansou

Established in 1781, this shop sells a range of natural genuine kelp products