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A landmark entertainment building of America Mura.


An Umeda landmark offering a range of shops and entertainment venues.


A large-scale, multiple commercial complex located at Nishi-Umeda, in front of JR Osaka Station.

Hilton Plaza East/West

This high-quality commercial district includes exquisite brand name shops, gourmet restaurants and sophisticated venues.

Yodobashi Camera

A popular discount store selling a huge range of electrical devices.


A fashion hot spot boasting a wide selection of fine boutiques.

NU chayamachi

A new shopping zone for sophisticated adults has opened in the youthful district of Chayamachi.

Hankyu San Bangai

A shopping center located at the terminal building of Hankyu Umeda Station.

Tanika Toy

Selling bettan, lottery, chocolate sticks, rice crackers, and more, this old penny candy store is still going strong after 100 years.

Temmeikan Doll Store Kogetsusaku Main store

This store sells products for every season, from hina dolls in Jan-Feb to Christmas goods in Oct-Dec.

Morishige Doll shop, Matsuyamachi Main shop

Established over 70 years ago, this old doll shop is an authentic Osakan establishment.


Kagetsudo sells hand crafted decorations, such as curtains, lanterns, antiques and a range of very popular Beckoning Cat goods.

Senda Co., Ltd.

A comprehensive store selling over 80,000 kitchen items from in and out of Japan.

Ichimonji Chuki

A knife specialty store selling over 5000 knives for professionals and households.

Sofmap Namba store SAURUS2 Hardware store

A huge range of electronics including new and used PCs.

Joshin Super DenDen LAND

A huge appliance store in Nippombashi selling a range of electronic and AV products.

Namba CITY

A vast shopping mall located at Namba Station on the Nankai Line.

Whity Umeda

Huge underground shopping mall in Umeda with more than 200 shops.

Diamor Osaka

This underground mall of Umeda is built to recreate the streets of Europe, with a bright and open design.

Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan shop

Osaka Aquarium's shop is full of cute goods featuring Kaiyukan stars such as the giant whale sharks Kai-kun and Dai-kun.