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Takihatakohan Kanko Fishing Place Of Oncorhynchus And Trout

Land-locked variety of oncorhynchus rhodurus, yamame(kind of trout),and rainbow trout are discharged. You can fish much close to nature.

Kanshinji Temple

The temple is a place that is famous in connection with Kusunoki Masashige who is a hero in Minami kawachi. Nyoirin Kanzeon Bosatsu of the national treasure is exposed only 2 days in 1 year.

Enmeiji Temple

This temple was established by Kobo-Daishi Kukai. Trees are more than 1000 years are called "Yubae no Kaede". They are famous as beautiful evening sun is shining in the late autumn.

Takihata Dam

Takihata Dam's Oshidori(birds) is one of the eight views of Shin-Kawachinagano. You can enjoy taking a walk around Dam lake which is full of green.

Konda Hachimangu

The oldest shrine of the god of war in Japan which was built by emperor Kimmei in the last half of 6th century.

Shirokita Shobuen

This park Shobuen was chosen as 100 selections of the Osaka Green. There are a lot of flowers of 250 kinds and 13,000 roots are blooming.

The Site Of Abeno Seimei Ubuyui, The Birthplace

The diviner(Onmyoji) in the middle of the Heian period. Abeno Seimei was reported born here in Abeno.

Suita City Football Stadium

All this will be achieved with their new stadium 'Suita City Football Stadium' as home base, where distances between the ground and spectators has been brought closer together than ever, creating a sense of unity and providing the players with powerful support from fans.

Panic Rabbit 84 Café

Located in Sennichimae area of Osaka City, this café puts on various night shows featuring pole dance and aerial tissue art dance.

Japan Tate-do Association (sword fighting lesson)

"Naniwa Samurai Ambassador" offers lessons and shows of "tate" theatrical combat to beginners and the public. This is the place for an experience of sword fighting, as what often appears in Japanese period dramas.


UMEDA JOYPOLIS is an amusement venue on the 8th and 9th Floors of HEP FIVE, a complex with an eye-catching big red wheel located close to Umeda Station of various train lines.

Maishima Infinity Circuit

This sporting go-cart facility offers you the world of motor sports, which you can hardly experience in your daily life!

Mainichi Broadcasting System

With its headquaters located in Chayamachi, a town known for its scenic beauty, this broadcasting company operates a theater and organizes various events as well.

Sozenji Temple

The extensive precincts of this temple served as the scene of many events along its long history.


Indulge yourself in cycling under the sun, feeling the wind! Practice grounds for beginner cyclists and camping sites for overnight or single-day stay are also fully equipped.


ALL STAR OSAKA WALK conducts a three-hour tour to visit popular spots of Osaka with an interpreter-guide in English.


hu+g MUSEUM, a five-story building located at the birthplace of Osaka Gas Co., Ltd., is a source to send information about food and living.

Kamisu Onsen ALGO no Yu

Refresh yourself at ALGO no Yu with its six baths, two Hanjeungmak saunas with real charcoal kilns imported from Korea, and a hot stone spa comprising five chambers!

Tsutenkaku Hon-dori Merchants' Association

This shopping street stretches for about 200 meters from Exit 3 of Ebisucho Station on Subway Sakaisuji Line and Tsutenkaku Tower. The atomosphere of Osaka in its good old days still remains here and there

Orbi Osaka

Meet your planet as never before!