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Washoku Home Cooking

A hidden cooking school that even the location and phone number are not revealed.

Umedagofukuza Theater

One of the greatest theaters in Japan just for popular drama.

Gurunavi Information Center

We will make a search for restaurants of mainly Umeda area in Osaka that suit your requests.


The Japan's first ultimate entertainment cinema complex consists of 11 screens including "IMAX® with Laser" theater and "4DX" theater.


A "living" museum and the first project conceptualized by the Osaka Aquarium KAIYUKAN


Enjoy a wealth of attractions and experience the view of LEGO® world!!

Golden Wasen - Osaka Castle Gozabune

Board a ship and get a close look at the stone walls through the transition of seasons!!

Duskin Museum

With the philosophy of bringing people the clean and delicious daily life with smile, Duskin has gathered pieces of wonderful life which they have been offering all around the world in the museum.

Okukawachi Kuromaro Village

Okukawachi Kuromaro Village is a multicomplex facility consisting of the Okukawachi Visitor Center, restaurant Terra which adopting local production and consumption, JA-Osakaminami farmers' market "Asukatekurude Kawachinagano store", Osaka Prefectural Flower Garden (Fululu Garden) and more.

Namba Hands-Free Center

Enjoy Osaka even more with "Hands-Free Travel"!!

Roadside Station Chihaya Akasaka

Roadside Station Chihaya Akasaka is focal point for information concerning local travel, and a drivers' oasis in the neighborhood of the birthplace of Kusunoki Masashige

Roadside Station Nose (Kurinosato)

Kurinosato roadside station is well suited for both information gathering when you arrive and buying souvenirs for when you return home.

Roadside Station Chikatsuasukanosato Taishi

Roadside Station Chikatsuasukanosato Taishi is a place for travel information for those en route to Mt. Nijyou.

Design Pocket : Plastic food making experience

Why don't you create your own food sample!?

Mitsubishi Tanabe Historical Museum

Handing downt the wisdom of Doshomachi, the district where Japan's pharmaceutical industry has evolved, and introducing the history of Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma spanning over 330years.

Japan Tate-do Association

Right in the middle of Osaka-City, you can experiencesamurai performance!


Classic car museum where you can meet a variety of old classic cars from Japan and other countries.

Neighborhoods of Gamoyon

A hot food town"Gamoyon" where you can have a plenty type of food in an attractive atmosphere.


Forcise beauty solution company has numerous salons for pursuing beauty, suggest and realizing an enriched society.The professionals provide the guests with an attractive range of offerings here.

ROUND1 Kita-Shinsaibashi

Round 1 is an arcade, karaoke place, bowling, sports area, billiard tables and more! It is opened till 6am, perfect place to stay all night!