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Kouraibashi Building

It's one of a few bricks buildings in Senba

Arai Building

This building was used as an old Houtoku Bank Osaka Branch in Taisyo period.


NHK OSAKA HALL with NHK BK plaza and Osaka history museum nearby. Enjoy broadcasting, history, traditional culture.

Wanpaku Okoku(Athletic Field For Children)

Let's enjoy the large dinosaur slide which is opening its mouth,atheletic field and BBQ surounded by greenly nature.

The Ruins Of Sen no Rikyu's House

From Totoya's(wealthy merchant of fish market) eldest son to the best master of tea ceremony. Walk the master os tea ceremony Rikyu's hometown who lived a tumultuous life.

Monument Of Yosano Akiko's Birthmark

Yosano Akiko who was born in Sakai city also is a representative of modern poem. Let's think about her life such as birth?marriage? and 23 years that took until she moved up to Tokyo.

Old Gun Smith Estate

Sakai was flourished in gun manufacturing in Warring States Period. Mansion of gun blacksmith inouesekiuemon tell the time appearance.

Tonboike park

There are colorful playground equipments, seasonal flowers and a tennis court. This park is a barrier-free and many people from young to elderly come here to rest.

Funatoike Park

It was chosen 100 selections of the Osaka Green. It's amazing to see these trees, flowers, birds and especially irises.

Tea Ceremony Room in Sakai City Shinan, Oubaian

Let's enjoy tea at Sen no Rikyu's (tea master) hometown. Take a break at a tea ceremony room of sukiya style that was designed by a master-hand of Meiji period Ogi Rodo.

Ono no Imoko's Grave

Standing at overlooking the town, such as cherry blossoms in spring, tinted autumnal leaves in autumn. Kenzuishi・Ono no Imoko's mound which is familiar with textbooks.

Tondabayashi Dakeyama Hot Spring(Kampo no Yado Tondabayashi)

Enjoy slowly of an outdoor hot spring is popular with enjoying the scenery of the Osaka plains and Kongou mountains.

Kaizuka Municipal Natural Learning Center

Katsuragi mountain to Nishikino beach. Let's see, touch, and experience of rich nature which bring up from myriad environment in Kaizuka.

Takenouchi Road History Museum

Museum that introduce the history about the oldest national highway in Japan・Takenouchi-kaido road.

Bicycle Museum Cycle Center

The original museum which you can see, learn, touch, and ride. There is full of charm of bicycle in japan and world.

Koon-ji Temple

Old temple which install 19 items of important cultural properties such as national treasure "Chock Kuginashido", which was built without used a nail, and so on.

Kanda Shrine

The guardian god for land in Kaizuka Jinnaimachi. Very large float used to carry taiko at festivals which has more than a ton gallant parade in the city in every July at "Festival of very large float used to carry taiko ".

Ushitakisan Daiitokuji Temple

It was established by Enno Gyoja. The mountains of the old temple, which is known as the autumn leaves of attractions from ancient times.


The best of ancient temple in Sensyu which is emperor Tenmu's temple built at the order of the emperor. Graceful two-storied pagoda that was build in Kamakura period is the smallest in domestic, it was designated as national treasure.

Kinyuji Temple Plum-Grove

The Shingon Sect of Buddhism of temple which was founded by Enno Gyoja. 2000 of plums tell us the coming of spring peacefully on high mountain.