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Makino Mountain Sefuku Temple

One of the best dangerous spot in Saigoku 33 places of sacred places. Old temple which is located at Makino mountain that Gyoki Bosatsu and Kobo-daishi had a training there.

Matsuo Temple

Enno Gyoja opened here, and Taicho saint built various halls. Ancient temple which has many highlights such as important cultural property Jihou, main temple, and precincts.

Sakurai Shrine

It is called "Niwadani's yahata" and "Wari Haiden"tells profoundness of architecture in the early Kamakura period.

Hochigai Shrine

Old shrine that extends over Settsu, Kawachi and Izumi. Visit here to pray for new construction,moving, a trip, and also to protect you from a misfoutune because of the different direction.

Hirokawa temple

Ancient temple which was opened by Enno Ozuno in Katsuragi foot of mountain. It is known as Saigyouhoushi's death place and also there is a tomb and a memorial house.

Kawai Temple

Ancient temple, which is reportedly built in the 7th century. In past time, it was renowned as one of the Kawachi the big three temple. Hydrangea flower garden is in the surrounding area.

Osaka Castle Music Hall

Outdoor music hall which can accommodate about 3,000 people in full of greenery Osaka castle park.

Gourmet・Music Ship Himawari(OAP Port Stop)

Crusing at water metropolis Osaka while having Imperial Hotel's lunch or dinner.

Ogimachi Park

It's a walking distance from Umeda. Large‐scale play equipment, open space with grass, and swimming pool are provided, downtown's oasis that always sounds cheers.

Mandaike Park

Mandaike(pond) legend of demon slaying of Prince Shotoku is left to its name. Calm park that migratory bird and people can relax.

Tsurumi Ryokuchi Swimming Pool

Ecology power generation makes heated swimming pool. There is tropical atmosphere with dome-shaped, and full of glass. There is outdoor swimming pool zone during the summer.

Ganko Hiranogo Mansion

Merchant house site who succeed to sell rapeseed oil in Edo period. You can enjoy Japanese food in an elegant house.

Kishiwada Municipal Namikiri Hall

The main of multifunctional hall that has 1,552 seats and a small theater with 288 seats, multipurpose hall, special meeting rooms, and big and small variety of meeting rooms.


Best access in Osaka. There equipped with a state-of-the-art equipment such as 100Mbps internet. Big and small halls are on the same floor, and useful for the same time meeting.

Oval hall

Good location which is adjacent to the west in Osaka station. There is 486 person capacity of the egg-shaped hall, and 90 person capacity of the training room.

Domyoji Tenmangu

6 of articles left by the deceased which Sugawara no Michizane used regularly are special opening in period of plum festival. 900 of plum which bloom on February is chosen as 100 selections of the Osaka Green.

Kanku View Hall (Sky View)

Observation deck which you can see airplanes flying overhead, and one of the closest runway in domestic. There is also a restaurant which you can eat a la carte dish, and a meal served on a plane.

Sakai City Museum

Collection・conservation・display of documents which is related to history,fine arts,archeology, and folklore in Sakai.

Denden Town In Nipponbashi

Town of electrical appliances retail, along with Tokyo Akihabara.Bargaining is also part of the fun of shopping in Nihonbashi.

Asacom Hall (Asahi Newspaper Osaka Headquarters Public Relations Center)

The facilities in Asahi newspaper Osaka headquarters which has newspaper・perusal magazines corner, newspaper execution corner, and a course where to have a look around a process of newspaper publication.