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Sendannoki Bridge

The bridge is viewpoint of historical buildings such as, Nakanoshima library, and central public hall.

Mitsu Park(Sankaku Park)

The landmark in American village, and one of the spots for a meeting place.

Osaka Club

This is used more than 80 years as the club for financier in Osaka. One of the big three famous buildings in Osaka, and registered trangible cultural property.

Shimin Fureai no Sato(Squirrel Park)

Taiwanese squirrels are raised here. You can touch and feed personally.

Eifukuji Temple

The famous temple which is called Kaminotaishi and there is a mausoleum of Prince Shotoku and other 2 people sleep. In deathday of crown Prince, Buddhist service and ceremony of Kencha are opened by head of school of omote-senke.

Izumiotsu Municipal Textiles And Knitting Museum

You can touch traditional industry, history,and culture in Izumiotsu city through textiles and knitting.

Hine Shrine

It is called Oiseki Daimyojin, and one of the 5 shrines in Izumi country. There is a Makura festival in May, Yu festival in July.

Rinku Park

The park which has about 60 ha on the other side of Kansai international airport. This is the best spot to see flying airplane from the airport, and seeing evening sun.

Chihayagawa Trout Fishing Spot

The fishing spot that use Chihayagawa's clear stream. You can eat fish which you fished at a river fish restaurant.

Takemikumari Shrine

It is called Suibun shrine, it is local shinto deity in reiho Kongo mountain, around 18 villages of tutelary god since ancient times, and Kusunoki clan's tutelary deity. In 2008, this old shrine is the founding 2100 anniversary.

Shinkansen Park

There is display such as, the first car of the top vehicle of Shinkansen which was made in 1969, and electric locomotive which was made in 1954. You can enter in the car and the driver's seat. In Spring, it's crowded with visitors to see a Sakura(cherry) tunnel nearby.

Rose Garden(Utsubo Park)

Rose garden which has the longest history in Osaka city. Lighting fixtures have been installed with the motif of the promenade and roses in the park, the illumination at night time is beautiful.

Kawaguchi Christ Church

A chapel which was made in settlement for foreigners that established in Kawaguchi district along with the Osaka opening.

Meiji Bridge

Bridge that has been built from the upstream of the former Itachibori river in the fourth. There is a monument now.

Natural And Cultural Gardens(Expo'70 Commemorative Park)

The park is full of natural such as forest, babbling, tea-picking village, and floral hill. Seasonal activities and events are held ordinarily.

National Museum of Ethnology

A laboratory which is familiar as Minpaku that displays and introduces of culture of everyday life, supply, clothes, and houses of people in the world.

Nature Observation Learning Place

Learning and experiencing facility that you can know better about animals and plants which are living at Natural and Cultural Garden in Expo'70 Commemorative Park.

The Japan Folkcrafts Museum, Osaka

This museum is located in Expo'70 Commemorative Park. The display for excellent artifact from domestic and foreign every place such as, China and porcelain, dyed and woven stuff textiles, pictures, and so on.

Nakahama Seseragi no Sato

There is Suikinkutsu(water harp cave) that you can enjoy the sound of water and a display of a brick sewer pipe from the Meiji period. About 3,000 cherry trees are lined wonderfully.

Monument That Engraved Basho's Poem(Sumiyoshi Park)

A monument which is engraved Basho's poem that was composed when a haiku poet Matsuo Basho visited to Takaranoichi religious services in Sumiyoshi shrine in September of Genroku era 7(1694).