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Kawabata Yasunari's Literature Monument

A literature monument of Kawabata Yasunari who was a writer born in Osaka and got the Nobel Prize for literature. And it's engraved one passage from "Sorihashi".

Shirasagi Park Hanashobu Garden

Iris which is Sakai City's flowers are about 200 kinds, and 10,000 roots. White,purple,red... Colorful flowers bloom beautifully in a rainy season of cloudy sky.


Spacecraft that landed in Osaka? Children and adults can enjoy at BIG BANG(Jidokan) that is full of director Leiji Matsumoto's dream.

Tourist Farm  Nanrakuen

Amanatsu, strawberry,potatos, and grapes...There is seasonal ripening, barbecue, and outdoor obstacle course.

Oizumi Ryokuchi Park

Decorate the four seasons of 200 kinds, and 320,000 of flowers and trees. There are many playgrounds for children, so it is popular among family.

Daisen Park・Japanese Style Garden

The garden has been created by using a garden technique of a traditional Japanese style garden and it's a pond garden circuit style with small artificial hills that tells cultural climate of Sakai.

Mozu Kofungun(Ancient Tombs)

Nintoku,Richu, Hanzei's tomb of great king which is between Daisen park. And 44 of huge circular‐shaped ancient tombs with rectangular frontage gather that were built at the end of the 4th century or beginning of the 5th century?end of the 6th century.

Sakai City Traditional Crafts Museum

The museum which is gathered the traditional industry from Sakai. There is Sakai edged tool museum and an experimenting,learning corner, display corner and shops.

Hamadera Park Swimming Pool

100 meter length giant sliders are popular for children. Hamadera swimming practice school is open during the season.

Ebaraji Temple

Birthplace of distinguished priest Gyoki of Nara Period. This famous temple is known as Chie no Monjyusan(good for knowledge) and popular among students preparing for exams.

Mozu Hachimangu

The foundation is the about sixth century.  There are 18 of large and small futon-daiko(drums) are sent out on "Tsukimi Festival" in autumn,

Iwatsuta Shrine

The oldest Ebisu shrine in sea Japan. It is famous for " Yassai Hossai festival" as fire-walking and religious services in every 14th of December.

Sennan Satoumi Park

This is the only permanent beach volleyball stadium "Shiosai vivalley". There is a various playground equipments and a training room.

Monument That Is Engrved Basho's Poem. (Tamagawa no Sato)

"Unohanaya Kurakiyanagino Oyobigoshi" Utsugi(Japanese snowflower) blooms every early summer in Tamagawa no Sato.

Seseraginosato(Kitsutsuki Mountain Villa)

Recreation facility that is in a forest park of Myojingatake.You can enjoy rainbow throut fishing, playing at the river, and BBQ.

Nankai Takashinohama Line Takashinohama Station

The station which is a retro wooden bungalow building of Taisho 8 years(1919). Stained glass of the upper front entrance is elegant.

Seaside Street Gallery CASO

Rental space for modern art which is the largest private enterprise and located at Waterfront of Osakako(port).

Hoshida Myoukengu

The birthplace of the star festival legend, Katano City. At shrine that prays for stars are falling from the sky, there is full of ornamental bamboo grass on July 7th.

Okuyama Ameyama Natural Park

Inside the park has Japanese red pine, hinoki cypress are the best suited for a therapeutic walk in the forest. Cherry blossoms in Spring are beautiful and they are chosen as 100 selections of the Osaka. Green.

Kishiwada Tourist Farm

You can eat strawberries as much as you can without time limit. Charcoal-grilled BBQ is also popular.