Minami Kawachi


In the southwest of Osaka lies the Minami Kawachi area, with the Kongo and Katsuragi mountains looming in the background. The area borders Nara Prefecture, and includes Kawachi-nagano and Chihaya-akasaka. Opportunities for camping, hiking, and mountain-climbing make it popular among nature fans, and the many shrines, temples and roughly 300 burial mounds make it popular among history-lovers as well. Take a deep breath and imbibe the nature and history, and when you grow tired of walking, take a rest and warm yourself at a hot spring.

Mount Kongo attracts the most hikers in all of Kansai

The Kongo-Katsuragi mountain range is the tallest point of the mountains that stretch south from Ikoma. The tallest peak in Osaka is Mt. Kongo, with an elevation of 1125 meters. Its ropeways, hiking courses, and mountain climbing courses are popular throughout the year, from spring when the greenery is freshest, to the winter when the trees are covered in a fine frost. The mountain is housed within Chihaya Park, which also includes the Chihaya Stars Nature and Museum that has a star-gazing platform and monthly astronomy events.

Mount Katsuragi and its campgrounds

Rising in the north of the Kongo mountains, on the other side of Mizukoshi Pass, is. In May, the mountaintop is bathed in red from the countless azaleas that grow there. But it's worth visiting during any season, whether for the pampas grass in the autumn, or the frost-covered trees and flowers in the winter. There are even accommodation options at the campsites and Katsuragi Kogen Lodge near the top of the mountain should you want to stay overnight.

Enjoy Takihata's nature

Along the lakeshore near Takihata Dam one can hike along numerous course and stay at Kotakiji Camping Ground. Takihata Lake Park is a big hit with kids, with its 160 meter super slide and other athletic equipment. There's a fishing spot above the dam, stocked with satsukimasu salmon and trout. Also, the 48 Waterfalls of Takishita that are dotted throughout the area each have a unique look, and have been collectively voted to be one of Osaka's most beautiful natural sights.


Rest your bones at a hot spring

The many hot springs of Minami Kawachi are well-known among hot spring lovers. When you're tired after hiking or mountain climbing, these hot springs are a perfect place to rest. Try the natural Katsuragi Hot Spring at World Ranch, Amami Onsen that's been around since the Northern and Southern Courts period (late 1300s), or the peaceful Taishi Onsen at the base of Mount Nijou. Or, if you can't choose, why not try a hot spring tour?


The ancient area of Chikatsu Asuka

While the Nara part of the Asuka region uses the name Totsu Asuka (far Asuka), the Habikino and Taishi areas refer to the place as Chikatsu Asuka (nearer Asuka). Osaka Prefecture Chikatsu Asuka Fudoki-No-Oka is a historical park that includes over 300 burial mounds, as well as platforms for viewing them and routes for walking between them. At the Osaka Prefecture Chikatsu Asuka Museum, designed by Tadao Ando, you can learn about the burial mounds through words and pictures.

Takemikumari Shrine

It is called Suibun shrine, it is local shinto deity in reiho Kongo mountain, around 18 villages of tutelary god since ancient times, and Kusunoki clan's tutelary deity. In 2008, this old shrine is the founding 2100 anniversary.

Takihatakohan Kanko Fishing Place Of Oncorhynchus And Trout

Land-locked variety of oncorhynchus rhodurus, yamame(kind of trout),and rainbow trout are discharged. You can fish much close to nature.

Kanshinji Temple

The temple is a place that is famous in connection with Kusunoki Masashige who is a hero in Minami kawachi. Nyoirin Kanzeon Bosatsu of the national treasure is exposed only 2 days in 1 year.

Enmeiji Temple

This temple was established by Kobo-Daishi Kukai. Trees are more than 1000 years are called "Yubae no Kaede". They are famous as beautiful evening sun is shining in the late autumn.

Takihata Dam

Takihata Dam's Oshidori(birds) is one of the eight views of Shin-Kawachinagano. You can enjoy taking a walk around Dam lake which is full of green.

Konda Hachimangu

The oldest shrine of the god of war in Japan which was built by emperor Kimmei in the last half of 6th century.


Indulge yourself in cycling under the sun, feeling the wind! Practice grounds for beginner cyclists and camping sites for overnight or single-day stay are also fully equipped.

Okukawachi Kuromaro Village

Okukawachi Kuromaro Village is a multicomplex facility consisting of the Okukawachi Visitor Center, restaurant Terra which adopting local production and consumption, JA-Osakaminami farmers' market "Asukatekurude Kawachinagano store", Osaka Prefectural Flower Garden (Fululu Garden) and more.

Roadside Station Chihaya Akasaka

Roadside Station Chihaya Akasaka is focal point for information concerning local travel, and a drivers' oasis in the neighborhood of the birthplace of Kusunoki Masashige

Roadside Station Chikatsuasukanosato Taishi

Roadside Station Chikatsuasukanosato Taishi is a place for travel information for those en route to Mt. Nijyou.


Welcome to a village as beautiful as a picture book.

Osaka Kongo Sudare (bamboo screen)

An elegant and refined screen made of natural materials.

Katsuragi Hot Spring (World Ranch Ichinoyu)

A natural hot spring spa located at World Ranch, complete with utaseyu ("falling water bath"), saunas, and open-air baths.

Kotakiji Camping Ground

It has good accommodation facilities with car camping sites and bungalows. The great outdoors can be enjoyed only 30 minutes away from town.

Mt. Kongo Ropeway

This village-run ropeway commands a splendid view of a carpet of trees. An ascent of about 6 minutes takes you to the top of Mt. Kongo.

Taishi Onsen

The natural hot spring spa nestled at the foot of Mt. Nijo offers calm and relaxation to the weary traveler.

Amami Onsen

Enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of Gokuraku Onsen at a sukiya-style inn in a verdant mountainous area.

Sayamaike Museum

Unique museum introducing Japan's oldest dam-type reservoir and the history of civil engineering and flood control works.

Tondabayashi City Agricultural Park (Savor Farm)

Experience exciting farm work in a lush park, and spend pleasant holidays while enjoying fragrant seasonal flowers and herbs.

Osaka Prefectural Flower Garden (Fululu Garden)

Osaka Prefectural Flower Garden, with an area three times as large as Hanshin Koshien Stadium, is filled with blossoming flowers in each season. It has a large greenhouse and an extensive collection of books about flowers, plants and trees, and holds gardening classes.