Incentive Tours

The Osaka Convention and Tourism Bureau (OCTB) will provide the following services and assistance for organizers of corporate meetings and incentive travels in Osaka.

Welcoming service

(For a group of 100 and more staying at least 3 days and having a gala dinner in Osaka)

Upon a request from the organizer, the OCTB can provide one of the following services:

  1. Provide Osaka specialties such as local sake or wine during a reception/gala dinner
  2. Organize "Kimono Ladies" to greet guests at a reception
  3. Provide performances at a reception (Japanese Wadaiko Drum performances, etc.)
  4. Offer other additional services with the approval of the Osaka Convention and Tourism Bureau Director
  5. Provide Tourist Guidebooks and Maps of Osaka

The Osaka Convention and Tourism Bureau (OCTB) will provide you with a wide range of free services and can link you with an extensive variety of professional suppliers to suit every facet of your event.

  • To help select appropriate venues for your event
  • To help prepare proposals from suppliers
  • To introduce local travel agents, DMC/PCOs, and other related service providers
  • To coordinate site inspections of venues and hotels for key decision makers
  • To provide promotional materials such as maps, tourist guides, convention bags, posters, etc.
  • To lend English-language videos and/or photos
  • To source support from local government and related authorities
  • To propose ideas for social programs and hands-on experience programs
  • To offer suggestions for entertainment and performance during your event
  • To arrange volunteers with experience in traditional culture (such as tea ceremony, flower arrangement, Japanese traditional dance, etc) and foreign language

Previous Incentive Tours to Osaka

The OCTB has successfully invited in the past years various sizes of incentive tours by major corporations around the world. The followings are a list of the selected incentive tours to Osaka.

CompanyCountryPersonsDaysEvents & Attractions
Anonymous Vietnam 4000 12 Gala Dinner
Pharmaceutical Company U.S.A 120 3 Kyoto Tour
Pharmaceutical Company South Korea 110 2 USJ Tour
Insurance Company Taiwan 1,000 4 Osaka, Kyoto & Nara Tour
Insurance Company Hong Kong 400 4 USJ Tour, Arima Hot Spring
Insurance Company U.S.A. 600 2 Technical Visit Kyoto Tour
Insurance Company Malaysia 2000 4 Osaka Tour and Gala dinner
Information and communication company Hong Kong 30 3 Wadaiko performance Kyoto Tour
Information and communication company Hong Kong 750 "Street Party" at USJ
Insurance Company Taiwan 160 4 Technical Visit (Matsushita) Osaka Castle, Gala Dinner
Insurance Company Hong Kong 265 4 Kobe & Kyoto Tour Gala Dinner
Insurance Company Thailand 2,000 Kobe & Kyoto Tour
Insurance Company Taiwan 3,500 6 Award Ceremony at Osaka Dome/Welcome Party at USJ
Insurance Company Singapore 700 3 Treasure-hunting in downtown, Gala Dinner
Insurance Company Singapore 124 5 Gala Dinner VIP Dinner at Taiko-en
Insurance Company Hong Kong 350 3 Kyoto Tour Gala Dinner
Insurance Company Taiwan 2,500 4 Welcome at Osaka Castle Award Ceremony at OICC
Insurance Company Hong Kong 150 5 Kobe & Kyoto Tour Team Building
Network-based sales Company Malaysia 300 4 Kobe & Kyoto Tour
Network-based sales Company Vietnam 500 6 Kyoto Tour
Network-based sales Company Indonesia 300 5 Kyoto Tour
Manufacturing Company Thailand 400 5 USJ Tour