Daruma Painting Experience


Your very own Winning Daruma

Katsuo-ji is located in a National Park abundant with nature. For 1300 years, countless people have worshipped here in hope of achieving winning luck or to pray for success in various aspects of life, such as business, examinations, elections, love, accomplishments or sports. Within the grounds you will find small daruma dolls which embody the spirit of the ups and downs of life, always standing upright again when they fall. The adorable daruma line the route up to the main hall. In the main hall itself you can enjoy the "Winning Daruma Painting Experience". As the symbol of the temple, the Winning Daruma's right eye receives the wishes, and the left receives the gratitude when they come true. By writing your wish, name, age and address and praying at the temple, you create a unique daruma for your very own winning wish. Additionally, close to the temple is the 33m high Mino Otaki waterfall, one of the 100 most beautiful in Japan, providing a relaxing route back down after your experience.

What is DARUMA?

  • A daruma is a figurine in a form of seated meditation in Buddhist practice. In Japan, it is customary to entreat to a deity before a trial in life. Daruma are used to represent the prayer in physical form by its passing through the eye, and are widely used as a talisman to avoid failure.
Katsuo-ji [Daruma Painting Experience]
Size 8 Daruma ¥3,500 (tax included) / per person
  • *Entrance fee ¥400 (adult) or ¥300 (child) paid separately.
Tel. No
072-721-7010Language Support Japanese
8:30 to 17:00 (final admission weekdays: 16:00,
Saturday and Sunday: 16:30)
  • (English, Chinese, French, Korean, Spanish)
Not required
Guide or Explanations
Credit cards
Not available
Katsuo-ji, Minoh City Osaka Prefecture
  • * Please take taxi from the nearest station.
    15 minutes by taxi from Minoh station
    20 minutes by taxi from Senri-chuo station
    20 minutes by taxi from Kita-senri station