Samurai Experience

Japan Tate-do Association

Samurai & ninja training from a sword fighting pro

Samurai may have disappeared from modern Japan, but their spirit lives on. Now you can experience that spirit and action. After selecting from over 100 kimono costumes, it begins with learning sitting posture and bowing. With a professional from the sword fighting action of stage and screen as your teacher, you'll use a wooden sword to practice basics such as sword grips and slashing forms, before moving on to sparring practice. Finally, you'll take part in a challenge to act out a scene from a film of your choice. The production is complete with sound effects and your sparring partner will be a professional with precise movements, so you'll be sure to become an impressive, stylish samurai. As an optional extra, you can also experience shuriken throwing.


  • A shuriken is a small metal weapon for throwing at your opponent. The word shuriken means "blade hidden in the hand". They come in a range of shapes including spikes, crosses and swastikas, and some were used to deadly effect by coating the edge of the blade with poison. They are widely considered as the primary weapon of ninja, who adopted stealthy and strategic fighting styles.
Japan Tate-do Association [Samurai Experience Regular Course (1h)]
Open Lesson ¥5,400 (tax included) / per person
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Open Lesson: Monday and Friday, 14:00 to 17:00
  • * A private lesson is available for weekdays (additional fee applies) Please check the details on our website
  • * Groups of 4 or more admitted on request depending on time and date.
Saturday, Sunday, Public holiday and New Year's holiday
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Imai Bldg. 3F, 1-1-27 Kitahorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka City