Udon Making Experience

Tsuru-Tsuru Udon Miyoshiya

Enjoy making udon and sake tasting

Experience making udon, one of Japan's three great noodles (ramen, soba, udon), by hand. Udon has long been loved as a food which nourishes the health of Japanese. In Japan you'll often hear the phrase, "if you're ill, eat warm udon". Challenge yourself to make udon, the source of Japanese wellbeing. Knead the dough, stamp it with your feet, then stretch, cut, boil and eat. Try creating your udon with having fun while listening to a talk by a specialty chef from an udon shop founded in 1987. While the udon is boiling, there is the opportunity to sample Japanese rice wine in a sake tasting. You'll be surprised how the taste of the sake can change between types. When finished, the soft textured udon can be tasted with a choice of two soup stocks (bonito or curry). After the experience you'll receive a course completion certificate and a Miyoshiya original sake cup.


  • Ashibumi is an essential process in making udon. To give udon the soft texture and springiness required for good flavour, the dough must be stamped by feet from a range of directions. First the heel is used to roughly flatten out the dough, before moving on to use the whole foot, until all bumps in the dough are smoothed out. For hygiene reasons the dough is carefully covered with cling film.
Tsuru-tsuru Udon Miyoshiya [Udon Making Experience-Standard Course (3h)]
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9-17 Namba Sennichimae, Chuo-ku, Osaka City