Wagashi Making Experience

Washoku Home Cooking - Machiko

Japanese confectionery cooking class known to a select few

This cooking class is a secret discovered by word-of-mouth, and shows you how to create confections which are the genuine article. In her Japanese cook's apron “Kappogi,” Machiko is an instructor in Japanese cooking and a researcher of halal ingredients in Japanese food. She uses her work overseas teaching Japanese to visit cooking classes from across the world, and passes confectionery know-how on with great care. The class is even popular with non-Japanese. You can also learn about how to prepare and drink green tea in an informal tea ceremony.


  • Nerikiri is a fresh confection consumed with green tea as part of a celebration or tea ceremony. As a material, it can be moulded with bean paste made from white adzuki beans, with added sugar, yam or gyuhi (kneaded sugar and starch syrup in rice flour), and is then easy to make into detailed shapes modelled on colours, seasonal plants or other symbols of Japanese seasons.
Washoku Home Cooking - Machiko [Japanese Sweets & Green Tea Course (1.5h to 2h)]
¥5,400 (tax included) / per person
Tel. No
Accept inquiries by email onlyLanguage Support Japanese, English, Chinese
11:00 to 18:00
Irregular, Dec 28 to Jan 4
Book via website. (Up to 2days before)
Guide or Explanations
Japanese, English, Chinese
Credit cards
Not available
  • Sakaisuji-hommachi station, Exit 12
    After reaching ground level, turn right to see the "Starbucks coffee".
    I will pick you up in front of Starbucks coffee.