Osaka is a delight for the artistically inclined and curious, with the city brimming with galleries, exhibitions and events. The National Museum of Art, Osaka, the Osaka City Museum of Modern Art and the Osaka City Museum of Fine Arts all hold significant collections and exhibitions worth visiting. For the world’s only permanent collection of woodblock prints, head to the Kamigata Ukiyoe Museum in Namba. For contemporary art lovers with an inclination towards installations and sculptures, ARTCOURT Gallery is the place to be, while passionate photographers can start their adventure at The Third Gallery Aya.

Exhibition commemorating the 40th anniversary of the museum opening
"Travelers: Stepping into the Unknown"

The special exhibition is being held to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the National Museum of Art, Osaka.
PLACE : The National Museum of Art, Osaka
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Railway Expo 2018

Various types of "rail fans" can enjoy themselves to their heart's content over the three days!
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Plarail Expo in OSAKA

Plarail Expo is full of fun including the "Play Museum" where you can find, learn about, and play with Plarail.
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Ghibli 3D structure exhibit. See one part, see it all.

Exhibit featuring "structures" of Studio Ghibli!
PLACE : Abeno Harukas Art Museum
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The Art of Disney - The Magic of Animation

Exhibition aiming to discover "The Magic of Animation" that was brought by Walt Disney and his animators' imagination, innovation and the technology that made it all true.
PLACE : Osaka City Museum of Fine Arts
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Event Guide December 2017

What's going on in Osaka this month??
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TENKA-ICHI FESTIVAL:The War of Osaka Quadricentennial

The years 2014 and 2015 mark 400 years s...
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