Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan(Tempozan) Illumination

Perfect for the Osaka bay side, illuminations featuring themes of the sea ad sea creatures, created with magnificent light.
PLACE : Open space in front of Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan
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Peak of foliage & Autumn Night Light-ups at Katsuo-ji Temple

The entire mountain in a crimson symphony. Best seen from mid-October to late November.
PLACE : Katsuo-ji Temple
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Expo Park Autumn Foliage Festival

Maples, ginkos, taxodium distichums , acer buergerianum and others , total 10000 trees, 20 kinds will be colored in Expo park.
PLACE : Expo Park
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Nakanoshima River Cruise

A 20-minute sightseeing boat service, "Nakanoshima River Cruise", is operated for the first time in Nakanoshima-West area in Osaka this summer!
PLACE : Fukushima(Hotarumachi) pier - Dojima River - Fukushima (Hotarumachi) pier
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Event Guide December 2017

What's going on in Osaka this month??
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TENKA-ICHI FESTIVAL:The War of Osaka Quadricentennial

The years 2014 and 2015 mark 400 years s...
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Osaka Temmangu Shrine Special Visit Tour

You will experience Shinto style of praying in the Osaka Temmangu Shrine.
PLACE : Osaka Temmangu Shrine
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