Families are spoilt for choice when it comes to finding activities that will please both young and old. With such distinct seasons, you will be able to find unique things to do in every month of the year. Summer is the time for fruit picking, when strawberry, grape and stone fruit orchards are teeming with families enjoying a day out in the sun. Autumn is packed with events, from the water-themed Aqua Metropolis Osaka Festival to mandarin picking and of course, autumn leaf viewing. Come winter, you won’t want to stay inside, with ice-skating, penguin watching and the Umeda Snowman Festival brightening up the city. And when spring comes, there’s picnicking under the cherry trees and much, much more. To find family friendly events happening during your stay, use our search tool, or browse the list below.

Santa Diver at Osaka Aquarium

The annual santa diving display is on again in the Pacific Tank.
PLACE : Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan
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Umeda☆Skate Rink "TSURUN TSURUN"

Have a great time under the blue sky or in spectacular illuminations at the center of Osaka!
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Peak of foliage at Ushitakiyama

The combination scenery of the Tahoto pagoda designated as an important national cultural property and the colored autumn leaves is definitely one of sights to see.
PLACE : Ushitakiyama Daiitokuji
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Lohas Festa in Expo Park

Under the motto "Fashionable and healthy!" and "The lifestyle good for you and good for the earth ", a ton of booths open for organic food, handmade furniture, workshops etc...
PLACE : Expo Park
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Japanese traditional comic storytelling: Tennojimura-yose English Rakugo

English-language version of the traditional Japanese comic storytelling known as Rakugo.
PLACE : Sanno fukushi Kaikan
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Halloween Night ZOO at Tennoji Zoo

Tennoji Zoo opens nighttime this Halloween.
PLACE : Tennoji Zoo
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Expo '70 Commemorative Park Cosmos Festa

Approx. 300,000 cosomos flowers in 8 varieties are in full bloom cover all over the field.
PLACE : Expo '70 Commemorative Park
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Event Guide October 2017

What's going on in Osaka this month??
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TENKA-ICHI FESTIVAL:The War of Osaka Quadricentennial

The years 2014 and 2015 mark 400 years s...
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