Families are spoilt for choice when it comes to finding activities that will please both young and old. With such distinct seasons, you will be able to find unique things to do in every month of the year. Summer is the time for fruit picking, when strawberry, grape and stone fruit orchards are teeming with families enjoying a day out in the sun. Autumn is packed with events, from the water-themed Aqua Metropolis Osaka Festival to mandarin picking and of course, autumn leaf viewing. Come winter, you won’t want to stay inside, with ice-skating, penguin watching and the Umeda Snowman Festival brightening up the city. And when spring comes, there’s picnicking under the cherry trees and much, much more. To find family friendly events happening during your stay, use our search tool, or browse the list below.

The International Festival UTAGE 2017 IN OSAKA

One of Japan's largest food events which is held once every 4 years in Osaka, the city of food!
PLACE : Intex Osaka (International Exhibition Center, Osaka, at Nanko)
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Koinobori Festa 1000(Carp Streamer Festival)

You can see more than 1000 of carp streamer in the sky!
PLACE : Akutagawa Sakurazutumi Park
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Tokimeki Beach Clam Digging

Spring is the season for clam digging. Collect as many clams as you can then enjoy a fresh catch with a BBQ on the beach.
PLACE : Tokimeki Beach (Tannowa Bathing Beach)
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Shell gathering at Nishiki no Hama

Let's go seashell digging!!
PLACE : Nishikinohama Beach Park
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Oizeki Cherry Festival

The Cherry blossom viewing place next to Hine Shrine."Roji Valley" in the center is chosen as one of 100 selected Green areas, offering breathtaking views.
PLACE : Oizeki Park
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Passing under roadside cherry trees

Passing under approx. 160 Somei Yoshino cherry trees. Some are older than 50 years old, well worth viewing.
PLACE : Kunijima Waterworks
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Yamanakadani Sakura Festival

On 2nd of April, the festival is held at Wanpaku Oukoku and surrounding, with Japanese drum performance, Yosakoi dance, concert and more including some attractions for kids.
PLACE : Yamanakadani District, Wanpanku Oukoku
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Ikeda Satsukiyama Cherry Festival & Lit Up

The foot of the mountain is tinted pink with approx. 35,000 cherry trees.
PLACE : Ikeda ruins of a castle park
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Aqua Metropolis Osaka River Opening Hachikenya Ccherry-blossom Viewing Festa

This riverside festival is a local feature of the Osaka springtime. Enjoy cherry blossoms on the waterfront or on the river from a boat.
PLACE : Hachikenyahama
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Bentenshu Meioji Temple Cherry Blossom

The precincts of the shrine with many cherry blossoms is an oasis for local people.
PLACE : Meioji Temple
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Easter Night ZOO

Tennoji Zoo opens nighttime this spring under the theme of Easter for the first time!
PLACE : Tennoji Zoo
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Izumi Kogawa-Ichigo Farm,Strawberry Picking

One of the largest strawberry farms in the Kansai region. Strawberries are grown on high plant benches, so you can enjoy picking them easily while standing.
PLACE : Izumi Kogawa-Ichigo Farm
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Yunoen Muratake Farm: Strawberry picking

Enjoy strawberries grown on high plant benches using special compost, in an all-you-can-eat style.
PLACE : Yunoen Muratake Farm
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Strawberry Farm Haru, Strawberry Picking

Enjoy Asuka Ruby strawberries, a variety called "red jewel," in all-you-can-eat style for 1 hour, with free drinks and sweet treats of cakes and ice cream. Large, juicy strawberries are ready to be picked.
PLACE : Strawberry Farm Haru
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Harvest Hill, Strawberry Picking

Enjoy three varieties of strawberries in all-you-can-eat style, with no time limit.
PLACE : Harvest Hill
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GrandBerry Farm, Strawberry Picking

Enjoy sweet and juicy Akihime strawberries, carefully grown on the farm, in all-you-can-eat style for 30 minutes.
PLACE : GrandBerry
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TENKA-ICHI FESTIVAL:The War of Osaka Quadricentennial

The years 2014 and 2015 mark 400 years s...
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