Laughter Ritual

Laughter Ritual

The most unique and heartwarming ritual is held at Hiraoka Shrine.
As the saying goes, "Fortune smiles on a merry home", so give your household the best chance of good luck in the New Year by joining the "laughing ritual" at Hiraoka-jinja Shrine. At this hilarious event, priests lead the crowd for 20 minutes of side-splitting laughter. This is based on the Japanese mythology that many gods danced and laughed to coax the sun goddess from her cave. The event kicks off with a ceremony to replace oldshimenawa spiritual barriers with new ones, and concludes with the the laughing ritual. There will also be a laughing contest, comedy performances and a lecture on mythology.

PLACE 〒579-8033 7-16 Izumoi-cho, Higashi-Osaka City, Osaka Pref.
SCHEDULE December 23 (Sat), 2017

FEE Free
INQUIRIES Name : Hiraoka Jinja Shrine
TEL : 072-981-4177