Kaizuka Municipal Natural Learning Center

Kaizuka Municipal Natural Learning Center

OPEN HOURSMonday・Thursday・Friday:9時-17時

The museum that is in "Shimin no Mori"which is city park adjacent to the Nishikinohama park. There displays Kaizuka city's nature and animals and plants which bring up from myriad environment in Izumi Katsuragi mountain to Nishikino beach. The building has been designed on the basis of the fossil of the ammonite found in Kaizuka. There is a breeding exhibition of fish that live in Osaka bay in three of seawater aquarium in the entrance hall. In the exhibition hall has short-finned pilot whale's skeletal specimen of aquatic insect, variety of plants near the natural science museum, and specimen of animals and plants in Izumi Katsuragi mountain. They are worth seeing. Variety of nature investigative action is actively which this museum takes a leading part with citizens and volunteers. "Pond of dragonflies" in "Shimin no Mori" has nature ecology park. Also, there is outdoor event field "shell theater" which shell- shaped.

ADDRESS 〒597-0091 3-26-1 Nishiki, Kaizuka City, Osaka
HOLIDAY Tuesday(If that is on holiday, it is next day), year-end and New Year's holidays(12/29-1/3)
TRANSPORTATION Take a bus to Nishikisangyoudanchiiki from Nankai main line Kaizuka station, and get off at Mizutetsu bus Shiminnomori, and 1 minute walk.
ADMISSION FEE Free admission
Parking : 25 cars can park Free
INQUIRIES TEL : 072-431-8457 FAX : 072-431-8458