Seaside Street Gallery CASO

Seaside Street Gallery  CASO

OPEN HOURS11:00-19:00(last day od exhibition is until 17:00)

Rental space for modern art which is the largest private enterprise and located at Waterfront of Osakako(port)・a seaside street gallery CASO. CASO stands for Contemporary Art Space Osaka's and named by using thsese first letters. Originally, 30 years old of Sumitomo warehouse was modified and established in september 2009. The building which has gross floor area 691 square meters is devided into large and small 6 divisions of space, having 5.8 meters ceiling height each, and taking in natural light from upper part.There is still keeping image of warehouse, but also treasure the neutral space. Aim is for using here as a new field of activity for domestic and foreign modern art artists's exhibition mainly/group exhibition, art course・culture course university, the exhibition hosted by cultural administration and enterprise (corporate patronage of the arts and culture activity), independent coordinator, curator, and a gallery director. You can use the lounge where you can see inside, and outside of building on 2nd foor, peruse of magazines and web,・rest・lecture on exhibition.

ADDRESS 〒552-0022 2-7-23 Kaigandori, Minato-ku, Osaka City
HOLIDAY Monday( If Monday is a public holiday it's on the following day) During term, there is the case of no holiday.
TRANSPORTATION 7 minutes walk from subway Chuo line Osakako station.
Barrier-free : Balusters/Slope for wheelchair /Toilet for wheelchair/Braille guide bord
INQUIRIES TEL : 06-6576-3633 FAX : 06-6576-3633