History Museum Of Izumisano

History Museum Of Izumisano

OPEN HOURS9:00-17:00(entry is till 16:30)

History museum to introduce appearance of the medieval manor focusing on Hinenosho that Kujo house manor was once located in almost the entire area of the current Izumisano.
Hinenosho was established in 1234 of the Kamakura period as a manor of Kujo who served as the key positions, such as a regent, a chancellor in capital (National Historic site).
However, it would have been deprived of even such as tax collection rights by local samurai in the period of the northern and southern dynasties and by Negoro syu in the warring states period.
In 1501, Kujo Masamoto came from the capital has made a direct tax collection but Hinenosho also to the demise after four years since he had returned to the capital.
This museum displays the diary of Kujo Masamoto has left "Masamoto Koutabi Hikitsuke", about 50,000 historical materials of Shoenezu(a pictorial map drawn) and the large-scale model of the a measurement of one two-hundredth that faithfully reproduce the landscape of the manor.
Also, it introduces changes of Izumisano from the Edo period to the modern.

ADDRESS 〒598-0005 1-295-1 Ichibahigashi Izumisano City, Osaka
HOLIDAY Monday (If it's a national holiday, it will be open and Closed is the most recent of the opening date) New Year's holidays,There is the case of temporary closing by the exhibition replacement
TRANSPORTATION About 20 minutes walk from Nankai main line Izumisano station, About 20 minutes walk from JR Hanwa line Kumatori station
ADMISSION FEE Adluts 300yen,high school students and university students 200yen,older than elementary students and younger than junior high school students or olderthan 65 years old is free or disabled people are free ※Admission fees of the special exhibition is necessary
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