Mino Park Museum Of Intects

Mino Park Museum Of Intects

OPEN HOURS10:00?17:00(entry is till 16:30 pm)

It opened in the natural rich Meiji Forest Mino Quasi-National Park in 1953. It only takes 15 min from Hankyu Mino station if you use Takimichi. It introduces a variety of insects that live in Japan by using the panel or diorama which are classified in each theme such as ,"Friends of the insect","Life of Insects","Communication of insects", "Special exhibition", "Nature of Mino" and "Aquatic insects"and it's easy to understand. Also, there is a butterfly garden where you see butterfly flying all year around and an exhibition room for seven thousand insects illustrated encyclopedia of one thousand and seven hundred kinds. Enjoy learning from adults and kids and experience in touching,hearing and smelling. This museum is close to the renowned Mino Otaki that is famouse for autumn leaves and fresh green.

ADDRESS 〒562-0002 1-18 Mino Kouen, Mino City, Osaka
HOLIDAY Tuesday(if it's a public holiday, it will be open and the day after the public holiday is closed)
TRANSPORTATION 15 minutes walk from Hankyu Mino line Mino station.
ADMISSION FEE Adults 270yen(big groups 190 yen), jinior high school students or less are free ※Big groups are more than 30 people
INQUIRIES TEL : 072-721-7967 FAX : 072-721-7655