Kanku View Hall (Sky View)

Kanku View Hall (Sky View)

OPEN HOURS8:00~22:00

Immediately from the No. 1 stop of passenger terminal building by the shuttle bus . "Sky View " is the observation deck which you can watch the takeoff and landing of airplane up close.and this is at 3th,4th,5th floor of Kansai view hall.
A view of airplanes flying overhead, and proximity to runway are one of the best in the country. Night view with seeing a large panorama of 360 degrees is very beautiful and reputation(In the evening until 10:00pm). You can eat a meal served on a plane by foreign chef with watching arrival and departure of the airplane on second floor of the restaurant(a meal served on a plane of first class needs reservation). There also establish together with a shop relate to aviation which is popular of airline goods. Also there was reopened in 2011/8/1, the experience and tour style learning facilities "Sky View Museum"was opened which you can learn lot of things related of Kansai international airport and airplane while having fun in 3rd floor. It is reborn to relaxation deck which is theme of "Kanku no Mori(forest)"with gentle fragrance of green and natural woods on the fourth floor of the sky deck, and rooftop park with a view of the airplane on 5th floor.

ADDRESS 〒549-0001 1 Senshukukokita, Izumisano City, Osaka
TRANSPORTATION About 6 minutes by shuttle bus(1000YEN) from JR・Nankai Kansai airport station.
ADMISSION FEE Free admission
Barrier-free : Wheelchair accessible toilet/lending wheelchair(inside of airport)/space of injection for handicapped people
Restaurant : Available
Parking : P1・P2(multistory parking space)3rd floor 20 cars, 4th floor 10 cars each, total 60 cars
Language : English Korean Chinese 
Pamphlet : English Korean Chinese 
INQUIRIES TEL : 0724-455-2082 FAX : 072-455-2097