Osaka Club

Osaka Club

OPEN HOURS10:00~20:00

5 minutes walk from subway Midosuji line Yodoyabashi station. Osaka club which is one of the big three famous building in Osaka with cotton trade hall, and Osaka gas building. This was built by financiers in Osaka in 1912 as a social club for a membership system. Current building is "flavor of oriental technique for Southern Europe style" at the ground 4th floor, and first floor underground which was designed by Yasui Takeo same as gas building in 1924 that is after destroyed by fire of old building. The outside appearance takes in Southern Europe style which attract notice of stone arch that can see often at building of old Rome town. Arabesque pattern hemming and totem pole of sculpture details can see motif of the orient and the middle and near east. Inside of the building, doors, beams, and shelves are made by wood, and consolidated with deep color. That was designated as registered trangible cultural property in 1997. The inside is not open to the public.

ADDRESS 〒541-0042 4-4-11 Imabashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka City
HOLIDAY Sunday・holiday
TRANSPORTATION 5 minutes walk from subway Midosuji line Yodoyabashi station.
Restaurant : Available
INQUIRIES TEL : 06-6231-8361 FAX : 06-6231-8365