Sukunahikona Shrine

Sukunahikona Shrine

OPEN HOURS6:00 - 18:30

A shrine located among buildings in Dosho-machi, known as the town of medicine, for worship of the god of health and medical treatment. Sukunahikona-no-mikoto, the Japanese god of medicine, and Shinno-shi, the Chinese god of medicine, are both enshrined here, and the shrine is known as Shinno-san. The shrine is said to have originated in the 9th year of the Annei Period (1780), when Shinno-shi, already enshrined by the pharmacopoeial merchants in their meeting place in Dosho-machi, and a divided spirit of Sukunahikona-no-mikoto from the Tenjin Shrine of Gojo in Kyoto was brought over and enshrined together. The papier-mache tiger, a popular souvenir of Osaka, is the amulet of this shrine that protects the owner from illnesses. In the 5th year of the Bunsei Period (1822) when an epidemic of cholera struck Osaka, it is said that pills named Kotosakkiuo-en were made, prayed over to cure the disease, and distributed along with papier-mache tiger amulets free of charge, and this cured the disease. The Shinno Festival is held every year on November 22nd and 23rd, and is also called Tome-no-matsuri (ending festival), since it marks the end of the annual events of Osaka which begin with Toka-ebisu of Imamiya-Ebisu Shrine. The papier-mache tigers are still distributed today. Within the precincts is also the Doshomachi Pharmaceutical and Historical Museum.

ADDRESS 〒541-0045 2-1-8 Dosho-machi, Chuo-ku, Osaka City
TRANSPORTATION 2 min. walk from Kitahama Sta. of the Subway Sakaisuji Line
INQUIRIES TEL : 06-6231-6958 FAX : 06-6231-6970