Osaka City Hall

Osaka City Hall

OPEN HOURS9:00~17:30

Osaka City Hall is located in the Nakanoshima area, where many historical buildings of the Taisho period remain. The current Osaka City Hall building was completed in January 1986, and in its entrance lobby, sculptures and stained glass windows used in the old city hall (completed in 1921) are installed. The video information corner on the first floor presents an old film produced in 1937, Big Osaka Tour, and is free to the public. This black-and-white film shows the subways that were newly constructed at that time, modern-looking women, some in kimono and some in Western clothes, and the busy streets of Osaka. On the roof of the city hall building, the Miotsukushi Bell, which weighs 825 kg, is installed. The Miotsukushi Bell was created as a symbol of love for children and donated to the city in 1955 by the Osaka Regional Women's Council. On the Coming-of-Age Day each year, "new adults" dressed in kimono solemnly ring the bell.

ADDRESS 〒530-8201 1-3-20 Nakanoshima, Kita-ku, Osaka
HOLIDAY The soil day holiday end of the year beginning of the year
TRANSPORTATION A short walk from Yodoyabashi Station (exit No. 1) on Subway Midosuji Line
INQUIRIES TEL : 06-6208-8181