Shibakawa Building

Shibakawa Building

OPEN HOURSDepending on the shop

Shibakawa building that is reinforced concrete and wearing a decoration of South America Maya Inca had completed when

There were still many wooden buildings of Japanese style at the time.
Matashiro has rebuilt the building to the reinforced concrete that is excellent in earthquake-fire resistance from a sense of crisis on the fire because the roof is made of wood and the wall is made one of just stuck the barre before they built an European-style building.

It was planned to be used for a private use At the time of its completion, but it has been used as a bride school  "Shiba Ransha home economics school" since he had enough money and had an interest in education.
About 3,000 students that are called Ito-San have graduated from the prestigious girls' school in the Kansai region since it opened a school in 1929 till it closed in 1943.

Also referred to as the running of the Women's Junior College.
Currently, events will be held irregularly and food and drink shops to silence the noisy Osaka people because the taste is so good.
As a building that is challenging new possibilities and it's in the spotlight.

ADDRESS 〒541-0044 3-3-3 Fushimicho, Cho-ku, Osaka City
HOLIDAY Depending on the shop
TRANSPORTATION 1 minute walk from exit no.11 of Subway Midosuji line Yodoyabashi station
Restaurant : Cafe/Pub/chocolate shop/Vietnamese food
INQUIRIES TEL : Depending on the shop