This lope is a border of Rainincho,Tennouji-ku and Ousaka 1chome. And it's one of the Tennouji Nanasakathe (Seven Slopes of Tennoji). The lope leads to Yasui Temple that worships Sugawara no Michizane and it's named after him. Before you go up the hill, you see the gutter of Masonry by the Osaka City Construction Bureau, it is remembered that there is a famous water from the old days in the vicinity of the whole area. There is a well which is leftbehind in the precincts of the Yasui shrine called "Kan shizume no I" is also one of the "Seven famous water". (Masui, Osaka,Tamate, Yasui ,Arisu(Tosa),Kinryu, Kamei no Shimizu)

When Michizane demoted to Dazaifu in 901(Engi era), he reported stopped by here to drink water from this well on the way to visit his aunt in Kawachi.

ADDRESS 〒543-0061 Reinincho, Tennouji-ku, Osaka City/Ousaka 1 cho-me
TRANSPORTATION 5 minutes walk from Subway Tanimachi line Shitennouji-mae Yuhigaoka station
INQUIRIES TEL : 06-6774-9910 FAX : 06-6772-4904