Ikeda Shiroato Park(The Remains Of Ikeda Castle)

Ikeda Shiroato Park(The Remains Of Ikeda Castle)

OPEN HOURS9:00-19:00 ※November-March 9:00-17:00

20 min by Hankyu train to go to Ikeda from Osaka・Umeda. Ikeda Shiroato(ruins of Ikeda castle) Park was fit out Ikeda's castle site who was a local clan in the Muromachi/Sengoku period of Japan and was opened in 2000. The entrance to the park is at each one place to the north, south, east and west. The main entrance is an East Gate adjacent to the Shiroyama Laborer Center. After you across the 3 meters wide and a length of 23 meters wooden bridge and pass under the gate, you can see a Japanese garden,a tearoom that is tiled, the remnants of an old building, a tower-style observation for taking a break and so on.
If you overlook the city, you see a cable-stayed bridge looks like a giant harp(Shininagawa Ohashi) and Kobe and Wakayama district when it's a clear day.
You can join the guide tour by volunteers on weekends and holidays.
This place is good to think about history and culture of Ikeda.

ADDRESS 〒563-0052 3-46 Shiroyamacho, Ikeda City, Osaka
HOLIDAY Every Tuesdaydepending on the event Inquiry needed), during New Year's holidays
TRANSPORTATION 15 minutes walk from Hankyu train Ikeda station.
ADMISSION FEE Free admission
INQUIRIES TEL : 072-753-2767