The Ruins Of Kamiakasaka Castle

The Ruins Of Kamiakasaka Castle

This is the one of the castles Kusunoki Masashige built when he had been hiding once and challenged to fight Kamakura shogunate forces again in 1332.

Masashige fought by making full use a variety of strategies here that is surrounded by deep valley on three sides

Unfortunately, there is nothing which is reminiscent of backing that time here but a great location to overlook the Osaka Plain field from the main enclosure of a castle.

ADDRESS 〒585-0043 Kiriyama, Chihayaakasakamura, Minamikawachi-gun, Osaka
TRANSPORTATION Go to Tondabayashi station by Kintetsu Nagano line and take a bus, get off at Mikumari and walk 60 minutes