DAIHATSU MOVE Dotonbori Kadoza

DAIHATSU MOVE Dotonbori Kadoza

OPEN HOURSDay time performance(first)13:00?14:10(the second)15:00?16:10 ※the second performance 14:30-15:40 from December 1st night time performance depends on the day

New theater for Shochiku entertainment that is opened in Doronbori in August 2013.
comedy performances of Yoseki(vaudeville format )starring various performers from veterans to young during the day Rakugo(story teller) on Monday night,comedy performances that is focus on young entertainers on the other days of the week

ADDRESS 〒542-0071 1-4-20 Dotonbori, Chuo-ku, Osaka City
HOLIDAY Tuesday, Wednesday
TRANSPORTATION 5 minutes walk from exit 14 of subway Namba station, 5 minutes walk from exit 2 of subway Nipponbashi station
ADMISSION FEE Day time 1500yen, fee for night depending on the day
Barrier-free : 2 seats for wheelchairs
Restaurant : Restaurants in the site
INQUIRIES TEL : 06-7898-9011 FAX : 06-7898-9015