Kishiwada Municipal Namikiri Hall

Kishiwada Municipal Namikiri Hall

OPEN HOURS9:00~23:00

Kishiwada Municipal Namikiri Hall is just 10 minutes by car from Kansai international airport and appropriate of traditional town・Kishiwada. There is 1552 seats of multipurpose hall which is for appreciation of Japanese traditional performing arts, 288 seats of small theater which corresponding to the flexible for needs of making diverse of the present day theatrical art, multipurpose hall, special meeting room which is possible for 52 people of a round‐table conference with booth of five languages simultaneous interpretation, big and small variety of meeting rooms, laboratory, "Exchange office of food"which has cookware and tableware of possible to handle for real dish, the places for practices such as ballet, play or drama, and chorus, and the studio which is soundproof dealing and has various amplifier and drum set. There is equipped with a newest equipment .

ADDRESS 〒596-0014 1-1 Minatomidorimachi, Kishiwada City, Osaka
HOLIDAY Third Monday and the next day, the day of Kishiwada danjiri festival
※There is the case of the temporary closing because of inspection for equipment maintenance.
TRANSPORTATION 10 minutes walk form Nankai main line kishiwada station.
Restaurant : Restaurant
Parking : 2350 cars can park
Weekdays are free, free for Saturday, Sunday, and holidays for 2 hours・200yen after every one hour
INQUIRIES TEL : 072-439-4173 FAX : 072-439-4551