National Bunraku Theatre

National Bunraku Theatre

OPEN HOURSDifferent by a program
Exhibition room 10:00 - 18:00

The National Bunraku Theatre opened in April 1984 as a base to preserve, develop and pass on the traditional art forms of the Kamigata (Osaka-Kyoto) area, especially the art of ningyo joruri Bunraku, or puppet drama. The theater houses many facilities, including the main theater, a training institution and archives for historical materials. The building was constructed with a mix of tradition and modernity, with key elements from traditional Edo Era architecture incorporated abstractly throughout the design. The theater also uses modern technology in the stage and its functions to enhance the traditional characteristics of a Bunraku performance. Each of the plays performed here usually has about a two week run, and only a few plays are staged each year. During days without performances, the theater is also used for projects aimed at the preservation and promotion of traditional arts. Other types of traditional performance are also sometimes held.

ADDRESS 〒542-0073 1-12-10 Nippombashi,Chuo-ku,OsakaCity
HOLIDAY Unscheduled 1 holiday a month
TRANSPORTATION 1 min. walk from Nippombashi Sta. of Sennichimae Line (exit No.7)
ADMISSION FEE Different by a program
Barrier-free : Lift, Roll-in restroom
Restaurant : Available
Visit : A sound guide rental
INQUIRIES TEL : 06-6212-2531(代表) FAX : 06-6212-1091