Hochigai Shrine

Hochigai Shrine

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This shrine was built by imperial prayer in Emperor Sujin 8 years(90 B.C.) December 29th. This is the place(now: Mikunigaoka) which is called Mt. Mikuniyama in 3 countries of border such as Settu,Kawachi and Izumi. Here was a key point for the passengers and horses in Nara period. Also, worshippers who are going to Kumano always stopped by here in Heian period and they prayed for a safety travel. Earth and sand exorcise bad direction in precincts as not belong to any country, and not having direction since long time ago. That gather faith as a god of direction trouble protection and many worshipers visit here for warding off evil prayer for new construction, relocation until now. Many people come here to pray when the direction that must go is not good, and the custom of Katatagai which means about going out from toward once in another direction. The Chimaki festival in every May 31st is from historical allusion , the chimaki which wrapped by woven straw mat leaf is given out to parishioners.

ADDRESS 〒590-0021 2-1 2cho, Kitamikunigaokacho, Sakai-ku, Sakai city, Osaka
HOLIDAY 9th・19th・29th of every month(except for the lucky days) are off for Gokito.
TRANSPORTATION 5 minutes walk from Nankai koya line Sakaihigashi station.
Parking : Available
INQUIRIES TEL : 072-232-1216