Izumianashi Shrine

Izumianashi Shrine

20 min walk from JR Hanwa line Izumifuchu station. It is said it was built in the seventh century and the temple is one of the Izumi gosha shrines(Otori, Anashi, Hijiri, Tsugawa and Hine) and the biggest in Izumi city.

The shrine is dedicated to a couple, agriculture for a man and fiber for a woman.

There are dozens of camphor trees that is said to be 600ー800 years old and its trunk is more than 4.5 m in the precinct.

And these trees have been designated as a natural treasure. Many wild birds and insects have been seen here in the precinct "Forest of Izumianashi shrine" and it's chosen as one of 100 selections of the Osaka Green.

"Izumi Anashi Danjiri Festival" is carried out every year in October and it's head to Otabisho(Anashi elementary school) with Mikoshi columns after Danjiri entered four towns of Toyonaka, Ikeura, Abiko and Itahata.

ADDRESS 〒595-0023 1-1-1 Toyonakacho, Izumiotsu City, Osaka
TRANSPORTATION 20 minutes walk from JR Hanwa line Izumifuchu station
Parking : Available
INQUIRIES TEL : 0725-32-2610 FAX : 0725(33)8824