Eifukuji Temple

Eifukuji Temple

OPEN HOURS9:00~17:00 (Treasure museum is 9:00-16:30)

This is in Minamikawachiguntaishicho. There is imperial mausoleum(Sankotsuichibyo) which is intered of Prince Shotoku, mother・ empress Anahobenohashihito, and princess Kashiwabenooiratsume, and Eifukuji temple was built by Empress Suiko to keep them, and Emperor Shoumu provisioned large temple edifice in Jinki era(724). It was called Kaminotaishi, there had taken pilgrim by many people as Kawachi three Crown Prince, with Nakanotaishi which is in Habikino city, Yachu temple, and Shimonotaishi which is in Yao city, daiseishogun temple in Heian period when belief of Crown Prince was flourished. The temple was completely destroyed by fire by Oda Nobunaga's fire in the end of civil war era, but Toyotomi Hideyori rebuild the Shoryoden in Keichou era 8 years(1603). After that, two-storied pagoda and so on are rebuilt seriatim, It has led to the current (both of them are National important cultural properties). Daijoe ceremony is opened as Prince Shotoku's deathday in every April 11th and 12th. They do Buddhist service, ceremony of Kencha are opened by head of school of omote-senke, Saito Gomakuyou, and giving rice cake under the cherry blossoms in full bloom in full glory in the precincts

ADDRESS 〒583-0000 2146 大字taishi, Taishicho, Minamikawachi-gun, Osaka
TRANSPORTATION Get off at Kintetsu Nagano line Kishi station and change to kongo bus to Kaminotaishi. And get off at taishimae station.
ADMISSION FEE Treasure house seeing:adult 200yen, child 100yen
INQUIRIES TEL : 0721-98-0019 FAX : 0721-98-2849