Hirokawa temple

Hirokawa temple

OPEN HOURSHonbo garden is 10:00-17:00

About 20 minutes by bus from Kintetsu Tondabayashi station. There is known as the place of closed life in season of cherry blossoms of poet・Saigyo as the poem "Negawakuwa Hananoshitanite Harushinamu Sonokisaragino Mochizukinokoro" in the end of Heian period. There is in bottom of famous Katsuragi mountain, and around the temple is famous for cherry blossoms, and chosen as 100 selections of the Osaka Green. The old temple which was found as principal image for Bhaisajyaguru which was carved by En no Gyōja by him self in emperor tenji 4 years(665). Tempyou era 9 years(737), Gyoki had training in this temple, Kukai renew Buddhist temple in Kounin era 3 years(812). There had fire caused by war, and it became a scorched earth temporarily, but restore later. Many buildings rebuilt near the original place until now. There is Saigyou's tomb, Saigyodo, and "Memorial Hall of Saigyo" which has many Saigyou's statues, and related of Saigyo's pictures, books, and documents in mountain.

ADDRESS 〒585-0022 43 Hirokawa, Kanancho, Minamikawachi-gun, Osaka
TRANSPORTATION 43 Hirokawa, Kanancho, Minamikawachi-gun, Osaka
ADMISSION FEE Seeing Hombo garden and study and observation of Saigyo's memorial house Adults 500yen/child 200yen
Parking : 100 cars Free
INQUIRIES TEL : 0721-93-2814