Makino Mountain Sefuku Temple

Makino Mountain Sefuku Temple

OPEN HOURSLast day of December-February 8:00-16:00
Last day of March-November 8:00-17:00

Old temple which is in front of the summit(near the altitude 485 meters) of Makino mountain(altitude 600 meters) in Izumi city. About 1450 years ago, there was opened by gyomanshonin because of emperor Kimmei's imperial prayer. Shugendo's founder・ Ennogyouja installed the transcribed lotus sutra on a peak of Katsuragi, and delivered the last end of a book in this observance of the Buddha's teachings peak, so it was called "Makino O", and changed to honorific mountain name prefixed to a temple's name of Makino. Gyouki and Kukai had training in this mountain, that was big temple which had about 3000 of priests in old times, but there was destroyed by fire in Tenshow era 9(1581). After that, there was rebuilt by Toyotomi Hideyoshi. The statue of Juichimen Senju Sengan Kannon Bosatsu in principal image is opened in every May 15th. The road approaching a shrine from a foot of mountain is called kannonhatcho and that's a hard way, but small bus revolve
from the foot of "Makio Chugakko-mae"by December 2005. Sunday and holidays are 7 round trip, Saturday and weekdays are 4 round trip. 30 minutes walk from last stop of "Makiosan".

ADDRESS 〒594-1131 136 Makiosanchou, Izumi City, Osaka
TRANSPORTATION Get off at Senboku high-speed rail izumichuou station, taking Nankai bus to Makio山口, and get off at Makiochugakkomae. Change to shuttle bus and get off at last stop, then about 30 minuteswalk.
About 1 hour by bus from Nankai main line Izumiotsu station to makiosan.
ADMISSION FEE Free admission
Parking : 70-80 cars can park
INQUIRIES TEL : 0725-92-2332