Nanpiankannonji Temple

Nanpiankannonji Temple

OPEN HOURS9:00-17:00 depending on the season

This is the place that Hisako who is a wife of Kusunoki Masashige and a mother of Masatsura prayed for the repose of her family and followers soul, she become a nun after the war dead of her husband and son. She named herself and built Nanpian.
There is a Kannonden that Masatsura buit in this area and his brother・Masanori changed to Kannon Temple after his mother's death and it became a clan of family temple. These temples were destroyed by fire caused by war but Nanpian was retrieved in 1917 and Kannonji temple after. This land is also the home of Hisako (nun), Stone Gorinto tower is reportedly also the grave at the precinct.
You can enjoy spring of the fresh green, summer of cicada chirps and more throughout the year but autumn color of leaves is the most popular. Visited by many people especially those who like history and Mr. Kusunoki.

ADDRESS 〒584-0054 1103 Kannabi Tondabayashi City, Osaka
TRANSPORTATION Get off at Kintetsu Nagano line Tondabayashi station and take a Kongo bus Tojyo line and get off at Kannabi
ADMISSION FEE Mountain claimbing fee/ adults 200yen, children 100 yen
Barrier-free : A guide dog
INQUIRIES TEL : 0721-35-5161