Inunakisan-Shipporyuji Temple

Inunakisan-Shipporyuji Temple

OPEN HOURS7:00-17:00

Inunakisan-Shipporyuji Temple, located halfway up Mt. Inunaki, is the head temple of the Inunaki division, the Shingon sect of Buddhism. The temple was established by En-no-gyoja, an ascetic, in 661 in the reign of Empress Saimei. The temple has a wooden statue of Kurikara-fudo-myoo, or Fudo-myoo (Acala) incarnated in a dragon, to which the temple is dedicated. Dubbed "Un-morai Fudo (Fudo-myoo from which good fortune is given)," the statue, which represents a dragon winding itself around a sword, is devoutly worshipped as a guardian deity for good fortune and wish fulfillment. In the reign of Emperor Junna (823_833), prayers offered at this temple resulted in longed-for rain. After this miraculous event, the Emperor named the temple "Shipporyuji," likening the mountain's seven renowned waterfalls (respectively called Ryokai, Toh, Benzaiten, Kotsuki, Oku, Senju, and Nunobiki) to shippo, the seven treasures in Buddhism, including gold and silver. Meanwhile, the name "Inunakisan (dog-barking mountain)" was given in the reign of Emperor Uda (887_897), based on an episode of a faithful dog; when a hunter went out hunting on the mountain with his dog, he was stalked by a giant snake. The dog barked furiously at the snake, and sacrificed itself to protect its master. Mt. Inunaki, famous for beautiful autumn leaves, is also a popular destination for hiking. On this mountain as a religious training ground for Katsuragi shugen-do (mountaineering asceticism), visitors can participate in a one-day training program.

ADDRESS 〒598-0023 8 Ogi, Izumisano City, Osaka Pref.
HOLIDAY No holidays
TRANSPORTATION Take a Nankai wing bus for Inunakiyama at Izumisano Sta. of Nankai Railway/ Hineno Sta. of the JR Hanwa Line; get off the bus at Inunakiyama bus stop
Parking : Parking space for 50 cars
INQUIRIES TEL : 0724-59-7101