Shishikutsuji Temple

Shishikutsuji Temple

The famous temple-Shishikutsuji of Katano City is located in the middle of Mt. Fumi(altitude 319m) and it's a good hiking location.

There is a Shishikutsu that looks like a lion's mouth at the precinct and named this temple after Shishikutsu.
The founder of the temple is reportedly Ennogyosha.

It is said that Gyoki built the temple in the Nara period
by the imperial prayer of emperor Shomu.
The principle image of this temple is a national treasure・Yakushinyoraizo which is made in early Heian period( reservation is required to visit)
It was carved by Gyoki who is said to have prayed three times after every stroke of his blade and it took three years and three months. And that is made of one piece of Japanese nutmeg tree.
It has been reported that there is a divine favor of breast-feeding.
The view from the precincts is amazing.
You can see Osaka city, Awaji island, and Akashi Kaikyo Bridge from there depends on weather.
There is also a well that is dug by Kobo Daishi・Kukai.

ADDRESS 〒576-0004 2387 Kisaichi, Katano City, Osaka
TRANSPORTATION Keihan Kisaichi station, Kawachimori station, or about 40 minutes walk from JR Kawachi Iwafune station
ADMISSION FEE 300yen for visit
INQUIRIES TEL : 072-891-6693