Osaka Shudokan(Martial Arts Training Hall)

Osaka Shudokan(Martial Arts Training Hall)

OPEN HOURSContact the office for details of opening hours and availability.

Located in Osaka Castle Park, next to the Hokoku Jinja Shrine and near the Sakuramon Gate leading to the Main Tower. The Osaka Shudokan offers martial arts classes (Judo, Kendo and Naginata) for young people and adults, everyday except Sunday. The youth section provides basic martial arts training, including Seiza (sitting on bended knees), Ritsurei (standing bow) and Mokuso (meditation), as well as fighting techniques according to the level of each student. The adult section provides high-level training in Judo, Kendo and Naginata according to participants' individual dan levels. Kangeiko (mid-winter training) and Shochugeiko (mid-summer training) are also provided. Osaka Shudokan is used as a venue for various martial arts matches, including the Shudokan Cup Championships, in addition to training sessions. In 2000 the sound of drums being beaten at the beginning of the training in Shudokan was selected by Osaka Prefecture and Osaka 21st Century Association as one of the "soundscape in Osaka to be preserved for the 21st century."

ADDRESS 〒540-0002 2-1 Osaka-jo, Chuo-ku, Osaka (within the Osaka Castle Park)
HOLIDAY Prior inquiry required.
TRANSPORTATION 15 - 20 min. walk from Osakajo-Koen Sta. or Morinomiya Sta. of JR Osaka Loop Line
ADMISSION FEE Fees vary depending on classes taken. Contact the office for details.
INQUIRIES TEL : 06-6941-1523 FAX : 06-6941-4189